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SWOP-LA Tables at Slut Walk LA

16 Jun

SWOP-LA table (and hot ladies)

SWOP-LA wants to say a big thank you to everyone we had an opportunity to speak with about what we do and out next event at Slut Walk LA. We love that you took the time to not only attend this important grassroots event but that you took the time to talk to us about sex workers and the challenges they (we) face. It was really great to see all those people turn up and let their voices be heard. Slut shaming and rape culture needs to stop and sex workers are often easy and frequent targets. SWOP-LA is dedicated to ending the stigma and violence against sex workers so having a table at this event was very important to us. We loved the interaction and loved being there along side N.O.W. Yep that’s right N.O.W! The speakers were moving and inspiring although listening to how someone was violated isn’t always easy to hear, listening to how someone over came their personal adversity is something we can all benefit from. Plus a sexy dance party broke out, who doest love that!

EROTICA-LA 2009 report

19 Jun

a very diverse crew indeed! photo by Rancy DeTroit

a very diverse crew indeed! photo by Rancy DeTroit

Well, after many hours of gruelling work, we pulled in about $490 after feeding ourselves for 3 days, parking and other basic incidentals.  I was totally stoked after the show closed because lots of vendors were throwing me sex toy and DVD donations and I was getting a good armful of booty to raffle off at future SWOP-LA fundraisers.


A box with all the t-shirts we just ordered, my $350 video camera and my neon open sign was not put into the car and was lost, stolen or forgotten at the LA Convention Center.

we were just at the break even point for the table (the non profit rate was $500) and did okay with the amount of contacts that we made at the show.  About 25 mailing list additions were lost on a clipboard inside that same box..  People who were supporters, as always, are usually pretty passionate about the subject of decriminalization.  Those are the ones that buy the t-shirts.  we average about 6-10 shirts per any event.  The rest of our $$ comes from hustling donations in a jar!  This time however the “Granny Tranny” Adult stars candy and Annie and I were all giving back rubs on a massage table with oil!  $1/minute!

I was extremely proud of our crew and all the work that we put in.  It’s a shame that we lost the most important box..The tradeshow was great experience for Candy and Annie and we met Randy DeTroit who is a long time TS/TG photographer and videographer and is quite connected to the TS/TG activist community that I am already involved in..

Working with Annie, who is 62 years YOUNG was a sheer delight, HoneyBuns candy seems to have a fan following in the adult world as she sold her used and dirty panties for $80 in the adult auction..!  Even if we hadn’t lost that box with everything of value in it, I’m not really sure if it would be worth it to do again unless we had a grant that specifically alotted $500 for us to do this kind of outreach without the pressure of having an overhead to meet…It was excellent leadership and team building experience for all of us.  If some tradeshow would give FREE booths the way they do at the Global Village at the AIDS conferences…(100% profit from your product sales..unbelieveable).

we are all depressed about the loss so if you are reading this and can donate, now would be a great time.  Even donating screenprinting, blank t-shirts, a broadcast quality 3 chip camcorder…wishlist…wishlist…