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10 May

menkarinWe are once again doing outreach at DOM-CONLA, the convention and shopping spree for BDSM and fetish enthusiasts and their slaves.  We’re here fundraising and outreaching to pro dommes for our worker support group that happens once a month.  We are trying to build the bridge between pro dommes who may not see themselves as sex workers, or see themselves as “not breaking the law” and therefore protected.  SWOP Chicago and New York chapters have a lot of members in the BDSM community.  This year our table is much smaller because it is donated by Leather by Danny, who makes amazing leather craft for harness holders, collars, ankle and wrist restraints and paddles.  He has a laser engraver that can custom laser engrave any jpg imge..he even sells bondage teddy bears with custom made ankle, wrist restraints, faggy leather daddy cap and blind fold!  Mommy Fiercest scored this booth donation because of course, she is a sultry and sexy hustle mama for the cause!  Friday was very slow for most weekend convention vendors, but it was especially slow for us.  However, on the second day of the show, people started to support the cause more.  Lots of whore and decrim shirts were sold and people were now donating a few bucks in the cup.  One more day to go..

I played my drag marine character “Sergeant SemperFi Fong” complete with Mexican gangster mustache and strap on dildo worn to promote our new fundraiser, libido enhancement pill “Performax.”  There were so many other gorgeous femme dommes there in military uniforms that I thought it might be fun to genderfuck it up a bit, since in my escort life, I usually have to loose the beard…

Every sale of Performax pills from this link yields a 30% donation to SWOP-LA!  30% goes straight to SWOP-LA!They work for 24 hours and they’re all natural.  click and order!