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30 Nov

I don’t want to plug myself or my own work too hard, but in case anyone wants a more behind-the-scenes look at SWOP and what direction we’re going in I’ve got an activist-blog where I’m working through my own thoughts about where we’re going and how to get there. I really believe in having complete transparency when it comes to leadership and making decisions, and since I can’t talk to everyone personally this is a way to reach out quickly and easily. It’s also a way to keep myself focused during my day job.

If you want to get to know me better – it’s an easy way to do so. I won’t be writing about anyone else, not because I’m that self-centered, at least I hope not, but because these are sensitive topics and I don’t want to speak for or misrepresent or out someone. It’s not my place. But I am putting myself out there, so here you go.

SWOP LA Brunch and Transgender Day of Remembrance

24 Nov

Our first brunch was 4 days ago, and I have to say, it was definitely a success!


We didn’t have a working camera so we were relying on camera phones – we’ll get better snapshots next time! But I love this picture anyway.

We had a veritable feat with pumpkin muffins, roasted rosemary potatoes, a jalapeño and cheddar frittata, chips with salsa and guacamole, a fruit salad, coffee, juice, and mimosas.

There was a little confusion regarding the TDOR memorial because they switched locations due to weather, but we got there in time to meet some people, distribute some fliers, and hear the reading of the names. It was a solemn event, and it was important for SWOP to be there to show our support and solidarity with the trans community. Many of the names read were sex workers, and we certainly do not intend to only come out for the trans community once a year.

All in all, it was a very positive and inspiring event. I think we’re all starting to get to know each other and build strong foundations for a community, and I have nothing but good feelings about where this is going.

Transgender Day of Remembrance Brunch + Memorial

12 Nov

We’re doing brunch – and doing it right! From there we’re going to march on down to West Hollywood City Hall to join the Transgender Day of Remembrance Memorial.

We are building a safe space where we can let it all hang out, talk, support, laugh, share, & create much needed community! We’re brainy, bawdy and bad ass folks of all different backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender expressions and lines of work. This event is a safe space for all 18+ adult sex workers and allies, regardless of gender, age, race, orientation, or expression. Once we are fed and energized we’re going to march down to West Hollywood City Hall and join the Transgender Day of Remembrance to show our support and solidarity.

We will be simultaneously making a banner that morning to march under at the memorial, so if you’re interested in helping out with that let us know. I’ll have a couple vegetarian brunchy dishes, including homemade muffins, but everyone is encouraged to bring food/drinks of their choice to share.

To rsvp, kindly email

If you can donate a couple dollars to help cover the cost of materials it would be extremely appreciated! It’s absolutely not mandatory- so please don’t let it be a prohibiting factor for you to attend.

Date- Saturday November 20, 2010
Location- West Hollywood (RSVP for exact location), and then West Hollywood City Hall starting at 1:15

Hope to see you there!



12 Nov

Hello from SWOP LA!

We’re getting re-organized, and have a brand new shiny Facebook page! So if you’re on Facebook, or just want to check out what we’re up to, here’s one place to do it while we get back into updating the website. Hit the like button! Post on the wall! Tell us what you like and what sucks about it. It may take a while for our internet presence to be as polished as we’d like, but it’s an ongoing process.

Sex Workers Outreach Project – Los Angeles Facebook page!


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