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Escorting Without A License

14 Oct

As the Olympics come upon us we have
heard much about surrounding
communities “gearing up” for the
anticipated influx of sex workers.
While our hearts go out to the real
victims of trafficking, many of us
who are in this work voluntarily are
proud of what we do and do not
appreciate being portrayed as
powerless victims.

What these slick anti-prostitution ad
campaigns fail to highlight is the
labor organizing going on in the sex
work industry and the fact that
what most continues to victimize
us is the legal system itself!
Mariko’s Trial

Come on out on October 22nd to show your support for sex worker activist and founder of SWOP LA, Mariko Passion. She will be in court to request an early termination of probation with a goal of dismissing her hearing. Mariko has chosen to represent herself “pro per” without the assistance of a lawyer. Here is why:

“I feel that only I can best represent to the court and the ruling judge how being on probation has affected my ability to find sustainable legal work and housing. By law, I can convert my remaining 1 year of probation into an estimated 3 days of county jail.” says Ms. Passion.

In 2008, Ms. Passion was lured into a vice sting operation setup off of Craigslist, arrested and jailed for a night in county jail. After fighting her prostitution charge for almost a year, she settled for 18 months of probation and a charge of “escorting without a license”.
Although she would have liked to pursue
fighting a not-guilty charge she was
obligated to fold due to lack of financial resources.
SWOP LA invites you to support Ms. Passion and learn for your own benefit about how a sex workers is treated in LA County regardless of having the privlidge of being a first offender, having founded a non profit, and possessing a Masters Degree!

Will the judge and court decide that Mariko needs 3 days in the slammer to teach her a lesson about the ills of prostitution or will he release her charges entirely?

Get a front row seat and support Mariko by attending her trial. Please call Ofelia at 1-877-776-2004 x606. Due to the confidential nature of the case description above, we only want compassionate supporters and will screen for such.