Sex Workers Outreach Project is a social justice network dedicated to ending violence and stigma against sex workers through education and advocacy. SWOP works to create a strong community of sex workers and allies to support each other and educate the public on the institutional harms committed against sex workers. SWOP-LA is made of current and former sex workers, allies, and clients who are all dedicated to improving the living and working conditions of sex workers

Sex workers are seldom afforded protection or recourse from violence because of the precarious relationship between sex work and law enforcement. Violence against sex workers is tolerated because of the stigma and myths that surround the sex industry. Only when those falsehoods are corrected and sex workers are legitimized will we be able to effectively prevent and minimize the harsh challenges of sex work

Our outreach campaign seeks to include those working in the sex industry who are marginalized by greater mainstream activist movements such as:

-Youth/Older workers

-Street based workers

-Workers of color

-Transgender workers

-Male sex workers

We also include sex worker clients, partners and families, and other non sex worker allies.

Sex workers are a part of every community, and we try to give back by giving our support and solidarity to other marginalized and stigmatized groups.

int'l sex worker rights day 08,lafayette parkWAYS YOU CAN GET INVOLVED:

If you want to know when meetings and events are, join www.meetup.com/swopla. Meetup will let you know when all the meetings and sex worker like events are coming up and send you reminders too!

Advocacy hotline, referrals, media requests and peer support:

1-877-776-2004 x 606


5042 Wilshire Blvd #202, Los Angeles, Ca  90036

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