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eBay Store Is Up!

28 Sep

Finally, after 2 months, we have an eBay store! After a lot of hassle and a lot of paperwork I ended up deciding it was going to take far too long to set it up through their official channels of a non-profit, so it’s going through my (Jessie Nicole’s) personal eBay account. I promise you that every cent of the profits is going straight to SWOP-LA though, and will have the records saying so available for anyone who wants to see them.

Let me tell you about some of the awesome things you’re going to find in there.

First and foremost, SWOP-LA gear. We have our buttons and t-shirts up! We’ve had requests for a way to buy our merch online

Secondly, all the wonderful leftovers from Swap & Swab 4 SWOP-LA. We have bags full of shoes, lingerie, jackets, and other gently used clothing. It’s going to take a good while to get all of it photographed and documented, so check back often (or subscribe to our store newsletter!) to find out when we update!

And yes, you may have noticed that there is a slight markup when you buy shirts and buttons online. That’s because it costs us to run the store. It’s always cheaper to come to our events and pick up the items you want there (no shipping either!). I promise we’re not hustling here, just trying to run a non-profit, which is a surprisingly expensive endeavor. And we use flat-rate priority mail envelopes to save time and for simplicity. And to support the post office!


12 Nov

Hello from SWOP LA!

We’re getting re-organized, and have a brand new shiny Facebook page! So if you’re on Facebook, or just want to check out what we’re up to, here’s one place to do it while we get back into updating the website. Hit the like button! Post on the wall! Tell us what you like and what sucks about it. It may take a while for our internet presence to be as polished as we’d like, but it’s an ongoing process.

Sex Workers Outreach Project – Los Angeles Facebook page!


Jessie Nicole

POWER EXCHANGE: SWOP-LA has a new director!

19 Sep
2009 director Ofelia Corazon and founder Mariko Passion

2009 director Ofelia Corazon and founder Mariko Passion

There have been many changes going on at SWOP-LA headquarters. The most notable is that our beloved founder, Mariko Passion, will be moving on to develop her career as a performance artist. After over four years of pounding the pavement for sex workers rights she will be passing the torch to another.

It was no easy task finding a suitable candidate to fill Mariko’s (albeit tiny) five inch heels, which is why she began her quest for a new leader over a year ago.

While representing SWOP USA at the 2009 World AIDS conference in Mexico City, Ms. Passion met Ofelia Corazon a Los Angeles sex worker and organizer from the LGBT community. The two met back stateside it wasn’t long before Ofelia began co-organizing  alongside Mariko. So when Ms. Passion decided to make a career move, Ofelia was the obvious candidate for the position.

Mariko will remain active as a member of SWOP-LA and will be helping to write grants, produce the updated legal resource guide and continue to fight for sex workers rights as an individual activist around LA, but putting creativity and music at the center of her mission first.

Welcome to Our first Website!

21 Apr

Why hasn’t SWOP-LA had a website yet?  Don’t even ask.  This mission has been passed on from 2 potential designers hands who both dropped the ball with no progress and lots of wasted time, back to dormancy and now back to me..

I am on a wordpress rush, high on these wheatgrass coffee shots that I’ve just discovered.  They were actually a premium that I got from donating to one of my favorite public radio stations KPFK.  I was actually scared to try it, but if you ever get a chance: wheatgrass coffee, it’s the best.

In the spirit of public radio, SWOP-LA did a similar Spring Fund Drive effort that consisted of emailing about 200 members on the email list for donations that would help pay for the bi-annual $72.00 fee.  3 members came through and we raised $120!  This money will go towards hosting the portal and the remainder will be used to print 4×6 glossy outreach cards that we can use as outreach tools for the upcoming pride booth seasons.  BIG BIG Thanks to this drive’s donors: Karla Mejia, Alan Dicenzo and Ken Montenegro.  Many of the donations that have come SWOP-LA’s ways have been from community members who have never attended a meeting but either just been an email list member or heard an interview that I did on the radio.

so here we go..its a work in progress…hope you find it useful!