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Mariko’s TRIP DIARY: Sex Worker Fest DAY 1

2 Jun
Annie Sprinkle, Mariko Passion and our adopted migrant worker doll "Janey"

Annie Sprinkle, Mariko Passion and our adopted Kumjing migrant worker doll "Janey"

If the names Carol Queen and Annie Sprinkle ring a bell for anyone out there, then yesterday’s Belle Bazaar was where you wanted to be.  It was a tabling and craft fair for artists and photographer who wanted to clean out their closets and sell their own or the work of someone else, get in the swing of the festival and donate to CSC.

I performed an emotional monologue and blues set, and so did Ckiara who was a new spoken word artist who read from her book, “Song of Men Slaves.”  Rock band Lipstick Conspiracy was also there, and SWOP-LA was able to represent by selling some shirts.  I sold artwork to one of my mentors in “post porn modernist” artifact making Annie Sprinkle, who I am standing next to.  I sold her a piece from my 2001 collection for a giveaway price of $50!  Indeed, cleaning out the closet and selling artwork for any amount of money is STILL just as satisfying as always, reminding me that I am actually a part of San Francisco’s sex activst culture and that I need to continue making work!   Art is a clear and obvious way to connect social movements and causes where our vocabularies and language barriers cannot do the job..I marched in the May 1-May Day march in downtown LA and wished I had thought to take Janey there…

Janey is my adopted friend from Empower, a harm reduction worker led theatre troupe in Bangkok, Thailand who is one of a series of 100 infant sized migrant worker dolls that will be adopted and installed in new lives and locations of fellow activists that Empower has befriended along the way.  Empower is a sex worker led education group that I had the privilege of finally meeting in the International AIDS conference in Mexico City last year.  I decided to take my Kumjing to San Francisco, and especially to make sure she was able to meet Annie Sprinkle!  My Kumjing has changed her name to Janey, and I will be blogging the adventures of the 3 LA representatives that have made it to this festival.  Candy is an intersex, 55 years old streetworker and adult movie star, and is from our Skid row needle exchange group “Tricks of the Trade.”  She read about the festival in a $pread magazine that I gave the group as an incentive and called me on the 877 line to ask me about it.  I was able to fund her one way ticket to SF using the Tides Grant that was intended to build leadership and motivation for sex workers who are injecting.   This is what SUCCESSFUL OUTREACH looks like!  SWOP-LA and $pread magazine making it happening in that barely funded revolutionary grassroots way that only we know how to do best.  Exposing new activists in the movement and having them want to be a part of the action without you having to push them in the right direction.  She’s very excited about the trip, to say the least.