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Welcome to Our first Website!

21 Apr

Why hasn’t SWOP-LA had a website yet?  Don’t even ask.  This mission has been passed on from 2 potential designers hands who both dropped the ball with no progress and lots of wasted time, back to dormancy and now back to me..

I am on a wordpress rush, high on these wheatgrass coffee shots that I’ve just discovered.  They were actually a premium that I got from donating to one of my favorite public radio stations KPFK.  I was actually scared to try it, but if you ever get a chance: wheatgrass coffee, it’s the best.

In the spirit of public radio, SWOP-LA did a similar Spring Fund Drive effort that consisted of emailing about 200 members on the email list for donations that would help pay for the bi-annual $72.00 fee.  3 members came through and we raised $120!  This money will go towards hosting the portal and the remainder will be used to print 4×6 glossy outreach cards that we can use as outreach tools for the upcoming pride booth seasons.  BIG BIG Thanks to this drive’s donors: Karla Mejia, Alan Dicenzo and Ken Montenegro.  Many of the donations that have come SWOP-LA’s ways have been from community members who have never attended a meeting but either just been an email list member or heard an interview that I did on the radio.

so here we go..its a work in progress…hope you find it useful!