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our booth at Erotica LA

6 Jun


We have a booth at Erotica LA this weekend…We have about 3 tickets to sell that would help to benefit the organization better than having people work for $8/hr at gay pride..we have 3 former adult stars at our booth doing photos and signings..We did Adultcon in September of 2007, and it is a similar venture.  Mostly adult film stars but LOTS AND LOTS OF MALE CONSUMERS OF SEX WORK.  As well as porn stars who we would like to have join our movement…Will we see you there?

Yes, we have some SWOP-LA members that currently will do and have done between 27-300 movies to their name, but now their primary income is through “illegal” sex work that doesn’t include a camera and 10 people watching.  We are at this convention to talk to the consumers of sex work, but also to outreach to those that feel like because they are LEGAL ADULT PERFOMERS that they are NOT sex workers, or because the LAW does not consider porn work as sex work or even prostiution (because of a famous 1971 lawsuit), SWOP-LA does want to bridge the gap between illegal and legal workers and support all of them in the similar issues that we do share regardless of our legal status.  We understand and acknowledge the many adult performers who are marketing themselves SECRETLY as escorts or have a few select clients because their contracts will not allow them to do illegal sex work, so most have to go on a gruelling feature stripclub tour to make the rest of their income while they are NOT shooting videos.  And if they don’t want to strip, can’t dance or are simply not that kind of performer then they are expected to not escort?  I have even met some adult industry people in videos and web think that for some reason (referring to that 1971 Friedman lawsuit) they are “real” sex workers and we are not..(just prostitutes, which they are not).

Candy will be auctioning off her “granny panties” and starting off the auction that they are going to be doing..

If you want to see the debauchery that we got involved with check out the adultcon video on our blip video site:


and look for the adultcon video.

Madness.  Testosterone.  Fundraising and Advocacy. Join us…