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Reflections of the Sex Worker Festival from SF, the City Of Hottie Queer Workers::by Mommy Fiercest

7 Jun

Until last summer I didn’t know any other sex workers…

I’ve been an activist and organizer in the LA queer and trans community for years but aside from the  partners I was doing sex work with I knew of no other workers. I had seen and been titilated by old flyers for the sex workers art show at the private college where all the rich white people I dated went*.


Where could I find these feminist sex workers? I’d read about $pread in Bitch Magazine and theMommy Undressingn forgotton all about it until I was in Mexico City last summer on my honeymoon. My crazy activist husband signed us up to volunteer for three days at the World AIDS Conference.

That’s where I met Mariko and found out about the Sex Workers Outreach Project and that there exhisted a chapter in LA.  After I became involved in SWOP LA I began to reach out to the queer community to see if anyone I knew was closeted and to invite them to join our meetings. It was through this coming out amoung my peers that I was able to find out that four or five friends

and peers were already doing sex work and were just as closeted as I was.

The stigma around people who do sex work in Los Angeles is a lot stronger than in SF or  perhaps it just the way it seems  on account of beautiful and safe feeling environment that was created this week at Sex Worker Fest by all the beautiful performers and organizers.  annieportrait

This summer I had the opportunity to befriend and perform with the woman I want to be when I grow up, Carol Leigh (aka Scarlot Harlot) MCing “Whore-A-Palooza” and meeting hundreds of beautiful, talented, creative and kinky sex workers. It seems every queer person here has loved someone who was a sex worker and couldn’t help but think “How could someone not want to be a part of this beautiful city?”

From San Francisco,

Mommy Fiercest


* which is incidentally the same place I heard the word “queer used”.