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eBay Store Is Up!

28 Sep

Finally, after 2 months, we have an eBay store! After a lot of hassle and a lot of paperwork I ended up deciding it was going to take far too long to set it up through their official channels of a non-profit, so it’s going through my (Jessie Nicole’s) personal eBay account. I promise you that every cent of the profits is going straight to SWOP-LA though, and will have the records saying so available for anyone who wants to see them.

Let me tell you about some of the awesome things you’re going to find in there.

First and foremost, SWOP-LA gear. We have our buttons and t-shirts up! We’ve had requests for a way to buy our merch online

Secondly, all the wonderful leftovers from Swap & Swab 4 SWOP-LA. We have bags full of shoes, lingerie, jackets, and other gently used clothing. It’s going to take a good while to get all of it photographed and documented, so check back often (or subscribe to our store newsletter!) to find out when we update!

And yes, you may have noticed that there is a slight markup when you buy shirts and buttons online. That’s because it costs us to run the store. It’s always cheaper to come to our events and pick up the items you want there (no shipping either!). I promise we’re not hustling here, just trying to run a non-profit, which is a surprisingly expensive endeavor. And we use flat-rate priority mail envelopes to save time and for simplicity. And to support the post office!