Help Out Cucci!

23 Jan

One of the best parts about organizing for sex workers rights is meeting and working with other groups concerned with sexual health and social justice. Cucci partnered with us last year to help produce our Sex Toy Fashion Show + Film Screening for International Sex Workers Rights Day. What most people probably don’t know  is that Cucci’s agenda is far more comprehensive than just selling sex toys. Cucci aims to:



 to facilitate sex-positive, body-positive, honest dialogue about sex; to build knowledge and excitement about our bodies and pleasure physiology, and promote sexual wellness; to leverage the best of the sex industry and bring it to a safe space – out of the local xxx outlet and into our communities

This takes shape in a myriad of different ways. It can include workshops for people to explore their sexuality in a safe space and with new tools. Honestly, this is radical enough for just about any population. But Cucci takes it further, emphasizing the need for resources and sex education for low-income, people of color, and queer and trans communities. It can also include workshops about sexuality and pleasure for survivors of sexual abuse and/or assault.

Right now Cucci is fundraising for their latest round of training for a new class of sex educators.

Access to sex education and a safe space for sexual expression is extremely important, and this training will greatly benefit the Los Angeles community.

Learn more about Cucci:

Go HERE to donate:

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