January 13th – Meeting Minutes

15 Jan

Sex Workers Outreach Project – Los Angeles

January 13, 2011


We got started a little late, because I was confused about the address (sorry everyone) and sent everyone to the wrong building of the LA Gay & Lesbian Center. So after a few frantic minutes of relocation and phone calls we sat down to business.

This isn’t entirely in order of how the meeting went, but rather by my notes made on the agenda and the events are in chronological order based on what’s coming up first. Sorry if that’s confusing, I just find it the easiest way for me to stay organized.


January 27th – Chow Fun Burlesque

The lineup is finalized as well as the budget. We need about 100 people to come to both cover costs of performers as well as be profitable to SWOP LA. Nina Hartley will be performing, which is an easy big name to use. Mariko will text people when fliers are printed and ready to distribute. Need a plan for people to go out and promote. More interested in getting people than anything, so if someone really can’t pay, just put them on a guest list and get them in. Need people to work the door & help out that night as well.

Sex work cabaret & burlesque show! With unlimited noodles! Can eat noodles off a performer for a donation. (since meeting has gone up on facebook & meetup)

Hopefully will turn into a monthly event, so talk to possible performers and let’s try to make this one a success. Could make a couple hundred $ for SWOP, which is a couple hundred more than we have and could go a long way towards admin costs (t-shits, meetup.com, copies, printing literature) and making other events wildly successful.

February 8th – Cal State Long Beach

Mariko Passion will be performing her one-woman show at Cal State Long Beach for their sexual health week (?) and needs people to table. Can offer a ride and possibly a meal.

Also putting together a panel to talk about sex work & STIs. Specifically herpes. Trying to address the stigma and ways to talk about it. Jessie on board to speak (assuming can get the time off work) and Somsri possibly interested.

March 3rd – International Sex Worker Rights Day

Everyone seemed on board with wanting a fun, upbeat, event to commemorate International Sex Worker Rights Day. Our main goals are getting people involved and aware of the sex workers rights movement. Ideas included a film festival, and quickly leaned towards a sex toy fashion show, to collaborate with Coochi on.

Would need:

Space – trying to break out of WeHo, maybe Vernon Central? Silverlake? Somewhere accessible by public transit. Places to look at – bars, clubs, art galleries, dungeons… trying to get space by the 27th

Models – some of us could volunteer, also put out ads around the community & through Model Mayhem or something

Promotion – talk to local sex toy shops & artists about putting up pieces for raffles or giveaways that could then promote their products as well, Ashley knows an artist to talk to

Politics – some way to tie this into a larger project, maybe a quick speech on the ways sex worker rights affect everyone? Talk about condom laws?

April – Anarchist Book Fair

We’ve been contacted about maybe doing some kind of workshop for the Anarchist Book Fair this year. Apparently the organization of the event is still kind of up in the air, but we agreed to put together a Know Your Rights style workshop on sex work & the law. Possible collaboration with Gender Just to make this happen

Ashley / Somsri / Jessie to head that up – condom laws / what to do when arrested / specific difficulties for trans workers / put together a wallet sized know your rights card / emergency plan / who to contact


Agreed to copy the Chicago model of every other month being a meeting or social event. That will help create a community with sex workers who aren’t necessarily interested in being activists and activists who aren’t necessarily part of the sex work community. Also important to have a sex-worker only safe space as is an extremely isolating field.

February social event – valentine’s day theme? Brunch? coffee shop? Spa day? We all got enthusiastic about a sex workers spa date, but expense and trans-inclusiveness seem to be a problem. Will research to hopefully find a way around that.

Phones – we have a whole bunch of phone lines. Ashley volunteered to take one of them for specifically PR questions. Will email Tara and get that set up. Jessie & Ashley will discuss later. Since Jessie will head up the hotline / jail numbers she will look into some kind of training or help as has no idea how to handle that.


We need to get our website in order. Somsri mentioned the importance of having a centralized place for sex workers to learn about safety and resources should they find themselves in trouble. Especially since internet access is available at the LAGLC near where many trans girls work the street, could be very helpful. Need to make it more easily navigable and have more helpful. Next step is getting the word out.

Jessie can work on that little by little, but if someone can help with the design aspect or putting together resources to share would be very much appreciated. Definitely not my area of expertise.


Reaching out to other organizations and sex workers –

Trans activists

BDSM community

Street workers

Porn stars

Making sure to be inclusive + emphasize that sex work is everyone, in every community

Student groups

Feminist groups

Immigration groups

Anti-trafficking groups (there’s got to be at least one we can have good relations with, right?)

Possibly cultivating a relationship with medical centers – Somsri

Video production company, maybe making PSAs & documentaries – Ashley (connect Ashley w/ Serpent maybe?)

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